Therapeutic Antibodies

Difference between therapeutic antibody and conventional drug

Conventional drugs created for a certain target frequently act against items other than the target, and this can sometimes lead to unexpected side effects.
Meanwhile, as therapeutic antibody rarely act against substances other than the intended target, there are very few unexpected side effects.

This does not mean there are no side effects whatsoever.
 Therapeutic antibodiesConventional drugs
(low-molecular-weight drugs)
Molecular weightExtremely highLow
FormulationMainly injectionMainly tablets
ManufacturingMainly by cell engineeringMainly chemical synthesis

Difference in the molecular weight of therapeutic antibodies and conventional drugs

Illustration: Comparison of molecular weights

The difference in the molecular weights of therapeutic antibodies and conventional drugs is around the same as the difference in the weight of a whale and a tuna (approx. 300 times).