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Terms & Conditions of Use

Kyowa Hakko Kirin (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd’s website (Hereafter, this website) is operated by Kyowa Hakko Kirin (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd (Hereafter, Kyowa Hakko Kirin) or it agent.

The terms that the user must agree to in advance when using this website are posted below.

Prior to making use of this website, please read the following terms and conditions regarding the use of it in advance carefully and use it only if you agree with them.

1. Copyrights and Trademarks

All the contents posted on this website (documents, pictures, illustrations, images, diagrams, videos, audio and programs etc.) are protected by copyrights and related laws. Reproduction or transfer of these contents without the permission of the rights holder is prohibited by law. Furthermore, if all or a portion of the content posted on this website, are reproduced or published, in magazines books or other print media, and homepages CD-ROM or other electronic media, the prior written permission of Kyowa Hakko Kirin required.

2. Links

Kyowa Hakko Kirin makes no warranties or guarantees whatsoever regarding the contents of the third party's web site(s) linked to or from this website (“Linked Sites”) and assumes no responsibilities or liabilities for any losses, expenses or damages occurred in making use of such Linked Sites that are independently operated by third parties. When making use of the Linked Sites, you are requested to carefully check the terms and conditions of such Linked Sites.

If you want to link to this website, please contact Kyowa Hakko Kirin regarding the operator and subject of the linking site, the purpose of the link, and the URL of the page of the originating link. The prior written permission of Kyowa Hakko Kirin is required.

Use of the Kyowa Hakko Kirin's logo and opening this website inside a frame at a linked site is prohibited. Furthermore, Kyowa Hakko Kirin is not responsible for the contents of linked sites.

3. Disclaimer

Kyowa Hakko Kirin takes due care when posting information on this website, and runs this website and updates the information on it with all due care, but we make no guarantees as to whether the information is accurate, pertinent, and, recent as well as useful to the user and suits the userls purpose.

We have no responsibility for any loss, damage or problems to the user caused by the use of this website or by information posted on this website.

Kyowa Hakko Kirin may as a general principal correct or delete the information published on this website without prior notice.

Also, be advised that, for unavoidable reasons, the publication of this website may be interrupted or discontinued without prior notice.

Kyowa Hakko Kirin has no responsibility for any problems, loss or damage to the user caused by correction deletion, suspension or discontinuance of the information posted on this website.

4. Privacy statement

Kyowa Hakko Kirin, respects the privacy of users of this website based on its Privacy Policy.

5. Provided Information from You

Kyowa Hakko Kirin has no obligation to reply to inquiries by e-mail or web forms, etc.

Refrain from sending confidential information because the content of questions, opinions and suggestions provided to Kyowa Hakko Kirin by e-mail, etc, can not be handled as confidential information. Also, Kyowa Hakko Kirin has no responsibility whatever for such information.

Kyowa Hakko Kirin, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, can freely use information and documents provided by means such as e-mail for any purpose such as reproduction or reprinting and the ideas, concepts, know-how or technology included in them, can be freely used for any purpose such as product research, development, manufacture, or sales.

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