Timely and Appropriate Information Disclosure

Kyowa Kirin strives for timely disclosure of accurate information to shareholders and other investors based on the principles of transparency, fairness and consistency, in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the timely disclosure rules of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). In addition, Kyowa Kirin is committed to the timely and proactive disclosure of other information expected to be effective in helping shareholders and other investors understand Kyowa Kirin.

Investor Relations (IR) Activities

Kyowa Kirin believes that constructive and two-way communication with shareholders or investors through briefings on financial results and individual businesses, shareholder meetings, and management plan announcements leads to the enrichment of corporate governance and improved medium- and long-term corporate value. For this reason, we are establishing extensive opportunities for such dialogue. Moreover, to further enrich the content of dialogue with shareholders while giving consideration to ensuring fairness among them, the IR team, under the supervision of the IR director, works closely with all departments of the Company to conduct IR activities.

General Meeting of Shareholders

Notices of convocation of a general shareholders' meeting are sent around three weeks prior to the meeting so that all shareholders have sufficient time to consider the proposals to be voted on during the meeting. Up until the time of the notices being sent by postal mail, the information is electronically posted on our website. Furthermore, in consideration of foreign investors, an English translation of convocation notices and an electronic voting platform are made available. At our general shareholders' meeting, we present a clear overview of the Group's financial results using visual images and narration. Proposals are fully explained before shareholders vote on them.

At the 97th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, a lively question-and-answer session was held, followed by deliberation, after which all matters for resolution were approved as proposed. The number of shareholders who exercised their voting right amounted to 7,204 with 89.4% of all voting rights exercised.

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97th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
Time of meeting 10:00‒11:40
No. of attendees 112
No. of shareholders who raised questions 9
No. of questions 13

Access to Key Financial Data

The Kyowa Kirin Group is committed to providing extensive information through its IR webpages with the aim of facilitating shareholders and investors' easy access to financial data for analysis. On our IR webpages, key financial data for the past 10 years can be viewed in both numerical and graphical form. Furthermore, the key financial data can be downloaded in the form of an Excel file to help shareholders and investors analyze our financial standing.

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