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We at the Kyowa Kirin Group practice CSV management (management focused on Creating Shared Value), in which it aims to enhance corporate value through the creation of both social and economic value by tackling social issues.

Under its management philosophy*1, the Kyowa Kirin Group acts in line with its Core Values*2 and with high ethical standards to remain a corporate group trusted by society. Upon pushing forward to become a global specialty pharmaceutical company (GSP) under the FY 2016‒2020 Mid-term Business Plan*3, we have clarified the Group's Core Values and have reorganized our Code of Conduct centered around the Group's Compliance Policy*4, which we are working to instill across the Group.

We are now witnessing a growing global push to tackle economic, social and environmental issues on a world scale, as exemplified by the United Nations' adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 as global targets to be achieved by 2030. Firms, such as ourselves, are also required to address social demands to solve such issues in their business activities. Against this backdrop, the Group is striving to tackle social issues directly related to its businesses. Specific examples of our efforts include developing innovative new drugs for diseases for which no treatment has been discovered, supporting the medical economy through the reduction of medical costs, enhancing quality of life, and contributing to preventive and presymptomatic healthcare.

In our efforts to serve as a good corporate citizen, we are working hard to build favorable relationships with all our stakeholders, which is a prerequisite to such business activities. Of note, we regard our employees, the central executors of our businesses, as important stakeholders, and strive to respect each employee for who they are, create a comfortable work environment, maximize their individual potential, encourage them to tirelessly take on the challenges of reform and creating new value, and foster a corporate culture conducive to their endeavors.
Furthermore, we are working to respect the human rights and individuality of all the people involved in the process of our business activities, reduce environmental impacts to preserve the global environment for the next generation, and properly manage information concerning our businesses.

The Group securely identifies the expectations and demands of the countries/regions in which it operates business, clarifies the issues to be addressed by each Group company, and works to solve them. Through such efforts, we are constantly aspiring to help achieve a sustainable society and remain a corporate group needed by society.

Masashi Miyamoto, Ph.D.
Masashi Miyamoto, Ph.D.
Representative Director
President and CEO
  1. *1:
    The Group's management philosophy is to contribute to the health and well-being of people around the world by creating new value through the pursuit of advances in life sciences and technologies.
  2. *2:
    The Group's Core Values are a way of thinking and attitude that supports the activity of each officer and employee belonging to the Kyowa Kirin Group. It consists of core concept "Commitment to Life" and three key words.
    Kyowa Kirin Group Core Values
  3. *3:
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