Growing with us

Growing with us

At Kyowa Kirin Asia Pacific we believe that every patient is entitled to lead a quality life. Every job that we do is engrained with this belief.

As a team, we respect each member’s individuality and endeavour to maintain a friendly work environment.

Don't just make medicine. Make people smile, bring light to their lives.

Living the core values


Wa: a Japanese term for teamwork. One for all, all for one. We work in diverse teams, collaboratively going beyond boundaries.

Big on teamwork and collaboration, KKAP believes that when groups of people come together to work synergistically, it boost creativity, productivity, efficiency, engagement, and communication. This is also the best recipe to bring in innovation, which happens to be another thing we strongly feel about.


Innovation is one of our core values driving our belief and business. We stay true to this enabler, be it whilst working or when we are simply having fun.

Our fun engagements did not stop during the national lockdown. Innovation was the key to celebrating our momentous milestones and staying engaged with colleagues.


We believe in doing the right things. Sincerity and maintaining ethics through good business practices is our key responsibility to this world and the society we live in.

Ensuring Integration in our activities

We never forget our purpose and our core value of Commitment to Life.

We bring in our life purpose and reason to be part of Kyowa Kirin team to another level, by giving back to the society as we have fun.

To grow we need the best people

People who are passionate about making a real difference and never settle for the status quo. People with integrity and a passion for innovation and science.

In order for those of us at Kyowa Kirin Asia Pacific to meet the goals of our extraordinary mission to improve human health, we are continually looking for the very best and brightest to join in our efforts.

Join us

If who we are and what we do resonates with you, then click on the link below for a listing of current vacancies.