CEO message

Kyowa Kirin operates under a management philosophy that states “The Kyowa Kirin Group companies strive to contribute to the health and well-being of people around the world by creating new value through the pursuit of advances in life sciences and technologies.”

In addition, we have formulated as our vision for 2030, “Kyowa Kirin will realize the successful creation and delivery of Life-changing value that ultimately makes people smile, as a Japan-based Global Specialty Pharmaceutical company built on the diverse team of experts with shared passion for innovation.” Moreover, we have identified key management issues (materiality), from the perspectives of value creation and value enhancement, in order to achieve our vision.

As part of our value creation activities, we will focus on creating and providing Life-changing value. Guided by the message conveyed in our value creation story, we will create social and economic value together with of our stakeholders. In specific terms, we will leverage our human and intellectual capital, the source of our competitiveness, while innovating the processes involved in delivering medicines to patients, including research and development, manufacturing, quality assurance, and distribution.

As part of our value enhancement activities, over and above a commitment to quality assurance and the stable supply of safe and reliable Life-changing medicines to patients around the world, we will work to reduce our impact on the global environment for future generations, which we recognize as important stakeholders.

In undertaking these activities, all employees of the Kyowa Kirin Group are working diligently to bring smiles to the faces of as many patients as possible. By making many patients smile, our lives in turn are also filled with smiles. Through these means, we will continue to create Life-changing value that expands the circle of smiles.

Representative Director of the Board,
President and Chief Executive Officer
Masashi Miyamoto