SustainabilityContributing to quality of life
as a good corporate citizen

Kyowa Kirin Group
and CSV

In its management philosophy, the Kyowa Kirin Group upholds the principle of striving to create new value by
capitalizing on its strengths in life sciences and technologies with the aim of contributing to the health and
well-being of people around the world.

“New value" means value that can be shared by the whole society. Kyowa Kirin Group focus on
"Creating Shared Value (CSV)" and practices CSV management, aiming at improving corporate value through
the creation of both social and economic value by addressing social issues.

Outline of relations
Group’s Philosophy
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at Kyowa Kirin

* Policy to Observe as a member of the Kirin Group / ** Policy that complements the Code of Conduct as well as the Group Policy but is not disclosed publicly / *** In accordance with the Kyowa Kirin Group Code of Conduct, we comply with the tax laws of each country and base on the Kirin Group Tax Policy.