Access to Medicines

Kyowa Kirin Group Policy for Access to Medicines

Established on: April 1st 2022

We at the Kyowa Kirin Group seek to fulfill our management philosophy, “The Kyowa Kirin Group companies strive to contribute to the health and wellbeing of people around the world by creating new value through the pursuit of advances in life sciences and technologies.”

The Kyowa Kirin Group, as a global specialty pharmaceutical company originating from Japan and committed to continuously creating life-changing value that ultimately makes people smile, believes that improving access to medicines is an important social issue related to health and well-being.

The Kyowa Kirin Group believe that it is our mission to deliver medicines to as many patients as possible and as quickly as possible, and we will promote initiatives from three perspectives of "providing medicines that meet unmet medical needs," "improving access to medicines," and "Quality Assurance and Stable Supply and Ensuring Patient Safety and Appropriate Use of Medicines" by clarifying the necessary functions for each initiative, appointing managers to oversee each function, and promoting close cooperation among the functions as well as collaboration with external stakeholders.
This group policy applies to all employees of the Kyowa Kirin Group. We will also encourage all of our partners in the supply chain to act in the spirit of this policy.

Provide pharmaceuticals for Unmet Medical Needs

  • Promotion of research and development for the creation of groundbreaking drugs
    The Kyowa Kirin Group has been working to create new drugs for diseases for which there are no effective treatments, including rare diseases, by focusing on their pathological mechanisms. The Kyowa Kirin Group will continue to take on the challenge of advancing our antibody technology, as well as making full use of even more diverse modalities in our drug discovery efforts, leveraging Kyowa Kirin's strengths. We will also be utilizing open innovation to accelerate this R&D effort. The Kyowa Kirin Group believes that the most important factor in improving access to medicines is to provide patients with the medicines produced in this way.

Improving access to medicines

  • Access to unapproved drugs
    For patients with serious or life-threatening symptoms for whom no other effective treatment is available, the Kyowa Kirin Group will appropriately consider how to provide the investigational drug in accordance with the regulations of each country if the physician judges that the expected efficacy of the investigational drug outweighs the safety risks to the patient, even when the patient does not meet the criteria for participation in a clinical trial.
  • Intellectual property
    Research and development are the business foundation of the Kyowa Kirin Group, and intellectual property is an important business asset for us. In countries with unique economic constraints, however, consideration will be given to patent applications and enforcement of patent rights.
  • Disease awareness
    The Kyowa Kirin Group will work globally with medical professionals, academic institutions, patient groups, and others to promote disease awareness and patient advocacy activities in accordance with country regulations, with the objective of improving understanding of the disease.
  • Patient support
    If safe use of quality-assured products is possible, the Kyowa Kirin Group will work to improve access to medicines through a variety of initiatives in accordance with national regulations, including programs to help patients who have difficulty obtaining medicines.

Quality Assurance and Stable Supply and Ensuring Patient Safety and Appropriate Use of Medicines

The Kyowa Kirin Group strives to ensure a stable supply through efficient global supply chain management, product quality assurance, and ensuring patient safety and appropriate use of medicines so that patients around the world can continue to use our products with peace of mind, and we deliver necessary medicines and related information to patients in an appropriate timing.